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Chiang Mai Thailand - All About Chiangmai Thailand


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Interested elephant camp in Northern Thailand


Teang Dow Elephant Camp

Located at Km. 56 on Chiang Mai-Fang Rd. tel. 0-5329-8553. There is a log-pulling show for tourists 2 times everyday which is 09.00 and 10.00 Hrs. The price for riding elephant as follow ::::

1. Riding 1 elephant / 2 tourists for an hour price 1,000 baht
2. Riding 1 elephant / 2 tourists to Lisu village for 1 and a half hour price 1,200 baht
3. Riding 1 elephant / 2 tourists for half hour price 600 baht
4. Rafting 200-300 baht/1 tourist

Pong Yeang Elephant Camp

       Located on Km. 19 of Mae Rim-Sa Meng or High way No. 1096. It continue 1 kilometer from Rai Kangsadan to reach display area. The elephant training area is located outside the display area. It has elephant show 2 round on 09.15 and 10.15 Hrs. After show, there will be riding service available. Tel. 0-5321-5943, 0-5387-9236-7

Mae Teang Elephant Camp

       There is an elephant show on 10.00-11.00 Hrs. The show fee is 50 baht per person, the riding fee is 300 baht per person (45 minutes) ox-cart riding is 50 baht per person. The bamboo rafting fee is 200 baht per person or take a whole raft for 600 baht. For more information, tel. 0-5327-1680

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

       Located on Km.10 of Mae Rim- Sameang Rd. the show is on 09.40-11.30 Hrs. The show fee is 80 baht per person. The fee for Elephant riding are 1,000 baht for an hour and 600 baht for half hour. For more information, tel. 0-5329-7060

Lampang Elephant Camp

The elephant show is still preserve the art of wood working which use elephant as draught animal in pulling the logs.

Showing time:
Monday-Friday has 2 rounds at 10.00 and 11.00 Hrs.
Saturday-Sunday and official holidays has an extra show at 13.00 Hrs.


The National Elephant Institute provide Home Stay activity in mahout village for tourists who would like to learn the mahout life style. Tourists will have a chance to live in mahout's family and do activities as mahout such as get up in the early morning to take an elephant for basic elephant riding, learn how to order an elephant including exchange the experience of mahout. In the evening, after take an elephant bake to the forest, tourists will have a chance to do the local food and have Kantoke dinner while listen to the local music play by mahouts.

House for rent
House for rent is the other choice for tourists who won’t like to enjoy the Home Stay activity but would like to stay at The National Elephant Institute.

Riding elephant for natural sight-seeing
Natural is always good for relaxing. If serious and tired from working, try to visit natural place, especially enjoy riding elephant for natural sight-seeing. You will get the new feeling as a reward after your hard work.

The elephant riding is available everyday since 08.00-15.30 Hrs.

Tour program: Elephant riding training course, 10 days training.

Price: 15,000 baht/person
Description: 10 days training curriculum with amateur mahout

You will have a chance to live close to an elephant which is exciting, challenging and enjoying. You will learn how to ride an elephant, touch the intelligent of elephant and learn northern lifestyle and culture. Enjoy riding elephant in the forest, visit the important elephant camp and learn about important elephants. You will get knowledge, proud and new experience as a life reward.

Tour program: Training for riding elephant in the forest, 3 days 2 night

Price: 5,000 baht/ person
The story of the forest and the lovely giant fellow traveler will be memory as the fantastic of life which will be impressed every time you talk about. Training for riding elephant in the forest is the program that let you understand the life of mahouts and elephants. You will have a chance for enjoy trekking and riding elephant in the forest at Thai Elephant Preservation Center.

Tour program: riding elephant training, 1 day

Price: 1,500 baht/ person
If you have a limited time and would like to use you valuable time worthy, we would like to suggest the 1 day program which challenging, exciting and enjoying training. In this training, you will learn how to take care of elephant’s health, riding elephant training which very unique and we quarantine the impression.




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