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Chiang Mai Thailand - All About Chiangmai Thailand


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Best time to go to Chiang Mai

I've been to Chiang Mai about 10 years ago. I like it there as it was not as congested as Bangkok. Thought of going again but this time with my hubby n 6 years old son. Which is the best month to go? What r the attractions which a 6 year old boy could enjoy? What about Chiang Rai? How far is it fr Chiangmai? Is the whether cooling throughout the year?

Around October,November and December is a good time to visit because the weather is cooler then.

I just came back from Chiang Mai on Sunday, and compared to 10 years ago, I think it had become much much more of a tourist town (and hence more crowded). The Night Bazaar for example, is a huge cluster of mass produced items targeting the tourist dollar. There isn't anything unique to buy in Chiang Mai and the items (including the so-called hill tribes handicrafts) can be bought at similar markets in Phuket, Bangkok, etc...

That aside, I still like the place very much as the people there are generally nicer than Bangkok's and activites there are different as well.

The city has good infrastructures and so, transportation and accomodation will not be a problem. You can also book day tours from the many day travel agencies scattered around town.

It is currently their hot season and temperatures actually reached as high as 39C while I was there. November to January will be a good time to go as it is their cool season whereby the daytime temperature will hover around a very comfortable 20C.

I am not sure the kind of activities a 6 year old boy could really enjoy, but you can try the elephant rides, ox-cart rides, bamboo rafting rides, as well as visits to hot springs and waterfalls.

Chiang Rai is about 4 hours away and the environment is generally more rustic than Chiang Mai. Usual activities include visit to hill tribes villages, temples, trekking, and biking.

What to wear in Chiangmai

Re: What to wear In chiang mai
Posted: Sat June 08 23:20:48 2005 UTC

We are going to Chiang mai for a week. We are staying at a nice hotel and will mainly be sightseeing in chiang mai ,going to doi suthep and an elephant trek. I am not sure what to pack and how warm it will be ,can anyone help?

In February the mornings might be a bit cooler, viz 15 to 20 Celsius, but as soon as the sun comes out it gets warm rather quickly with temperatures of 25 and more, probably even close to 30.

A light vest for the morning hours or a warmer shirt should be enough. If you spend the morning hours on a mountain, a light jacket might be useful.

If you live in England, I should say that you are used to the morning temperatures and will not need any extra clothings. I would agree with  light layered clothing, and being from England you will probably find it VERY WARM... I know Us Canucks that travel there wear shorts and T's while the Thai's wear sweaters, and jackets.
Pack ligt because clothes are quite cheap, but not as cheap as Bangkok. (Tourist Trap in CM )

whilst in chaing mai, my wardrobe mostly consisted of shorts and tshirts!


Govt wants a national anthem for every occasion
The Nation, Published on May 24, 2005

The National Culture Commission (NCC) and music experts will review six new versions of the national anthem before they are tabled before the Cabinet.

In response to opposition to the newly arranged versions, NCC secretary-general Prissana Pongtadsirikul yesterday said the re-mixed editions would be appraised by her commission. “Only after the reviews will they be forwarded to the Cabinet,” she said.

According to Prissana, Culture Minister Uraiwan Thienthong had already approved the six versions, which combine the original lyrics with new melodies. “While retaining the same values as the original version, the new melodies will allow the national anthem to be played on more occasions,” Uraiwan was quoted as saying.

“We also have a regulation by the Office of the Prime Minister that governs when the anthem can be played,” she said.

Last year, the Defence Ministry asked GMM Grammy Pcl to create new versions of the national anthem so that it could be played more often.

The ministry said the move is necessary, because the anthem lacks appeal for many younger Thais. Also, some children cannot remember the lyrics, the ministry said.

According to GMM Grammy, the first version is for official use and sung by popular singer Seksan Sukpimai. The second version – sung by young vocalists would be played at formal and semi-formal events.

The third version, sung by the popular singers Thongchai McIntyre and Nantida Kaewbuasai, is recommended for ballroom dances. The fourth version, also sung by young vocalists, would be used insecondary schools and universities.

The fifth version is aimed at children, with famous child singer Chatupatr Laothamatas, aka Nong Plub, providing the vocals. The sixth version, performed by a traditional Thai orchestra, is aimed at the elderly.





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