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Chiang Mai Thailand - All About Chiangmai Thailand


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Complete Guide to Special Medical  Center In Chiangmai, Thailand - The best Private Medical center in Chiangmai, Thailand  inclusive of Government & Private Hospital, Medical Center, Clinic, Special Medical Service Center at Suan Dok, Chiang Mai, University Hospital, National Heart Center and all about Cancer, heart treatment -

Special Medical Service Center
110/392 Intawaroros Road, Tamborn Sripoom, Muang,
Tel : 053-946900



Located at 110/392 Intawaroros Road, Tamborn Sripoom, Muang,
Chiangmai 50200. Tel : 053-946900.

These Medical Center is situated in the western part of the city of Chiang Mai. It covers an area of 441,600 square meters and is located at 110 Intavaroros Road, Tamborn Sripoom, Chiang Mai Province, west of Suandok Gate. It is 5 km from the Chiang Mai Airport, 7 km from the Bus Terminal and 9 km from the Railway Station. One can reach these medical center easily by car or public transportation.

In the same area are the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, and the Research Institute for Health Sciences. The other faculties of Medicine is composed of the Medical School, the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, the Graduate School, and the Residents School. On the grounds are several well-equipped, modern, multi-story buildings for administration, teaching, research and patient care. In addition, there are student dormitories and housing for faculty members and staff.

Tallest of all, the Building also known as Sripat, is a 15-story clinical building. It is build in commemoration of Queen Sirikit's 60th birthday , This building will be for patients with more severe problems and complications. The hospital with all three buildings has 1,800 beds and serves 414,362 out-patients and 49,200 in-patient each year. The new Sripat Building began operation in 1996.  Many joint programs have been set up with other hospitals and health centers both inside and outside the Chiang Mai area to provide medical and educational support for physicians and medical students. In cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health, physicians from these Medical Center provide medical services at rural health centers or give special lectures for doctors and other health personnel at provincial hospitals.

2. Clinical Subjects 158 Credits  

305501 PSYC 501 Systematic Psychiatry and 6 Credits Clerkship in Psychiatry 307307 MED 307 Methods of Clinical Diagnosis 2 Credits 307401 MED 401 Internal Medicine 12 Credits 307406 MED 406 Clinical Medicine for Medical Students 4 Credits 307502 MED 502 Clerkship in General Medicine 6 Credits and Medical Specialties 307491 MED 491 Clinico-pathological Conferences, Grand Rounds 307591 MED 591 and Special Lectures 0 Credits 307691 MED 691 307601 MED 601 Clerkship in Internal Medicine 13 Credits 309501 ANES 501 Anesthesiology for Medical Students 6 Credits 310401 SURG 401 Lectures in General Surgery 10 Credits and Surgical Specialties and Clerkship in General Surgery 310504 SURG 504 Clerkship in General Surgery 6 Credits and Surgical Specialties 310601 SURG 601 Externship in Clinical Surgery 13 Credits 310602 SURG 602 Clerkship in Emergency Medicine 3 Credits 312502 FORM 502 Forensic Medicine for Medical Students 4 Credits 314401 OBG 401 Lectures and Clerkship in 6 Credits Obstetrics and Gynecology 314502 OBG 502 Clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology 4 Credits 314601 OBG 601 Clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology 8 Credits 315502 OPH 502 Lectures and Clerkship 5 Credits in Ophthalmology 316502 OTOL 502 Lectures and Clerkship 5 Credits in Otolaryngology 319401 PED 401 Lectures and clerkship in Pediatrics 5 Credits 319502 PED 502 Clerkship in Pediatrics I 4 Credits 319601 PED 601 Clerkship in Pediatrics II 8 Credits 327403 CMED 403 Family Practice 4 Credits 322471 CMED 471 Community Medicine Clerkship I 4 Credits 322503 FMED 503 General Practice 3 Credits 322671 CMED 671 Community Medicine 4 Credits Clerkship III 323501 ORTH 501 Orthopedics 4 Credits 323602 ORTH 602 Orthopedic Surgery Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation II 3 Credits 324401 RADI 401 General Radiology 5 Credits 328501 REHM 501 Rehabilitation Medicine 1 Credit

The mission of these Special Medical Service Center is to make a major contribution to the improvement of the health of the Thai public and any foreigner seeking medical treatment in Chiangmai through qualified and specialist medical doctors in these northern part of Thailand.

Doctor and specialist and staff here have vast knowledge, experience and skills. Tohether they solve common health problems, handling emergency medical situation and injuries, follow preventive medicine principles in general practice, with emphasis on physical, psychological, and environmental factors involving the patient himself, his family, and his community. Adhere to moral and ethical codes. Most doctor and specialist and nurses here continue pursuing further training and education in order to acquire new skills and to keep abreast of new developments in medicine and preventive care.

Apart from these knowlegde and expertise in medical, All Master's and Doctoral Degree doctor must pass a foreign language test in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School. Majority of the staff here are able to understand or speak foreign language, the least English-American.



Among the staff nurse working in Special Medical Service Center, Chiangmai, Thailand.

Room 1431, 14th. Floor, Special Medical Service Center, Chiangmai!

room 1431 193 X 133

Room 1431 - 14th. Floor Special Medical Service Center, Chiangmai.

Professor and doctor at Special Medical Service Center,
Chiangmai, Thailand.

Dr. Veerachai : Pictue taken on 14-11-02

Dr. Kannika 18-11-02

Dr. Tannawat : Pictue taken on 13-11-02

Dr. Alarm : Pictue taken on 12-11-021 :12 X 86


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