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Chiang Mai Thailand - All About Chiangmai Thailand


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Chiangmai Train Station Photo Gallery Of
The Train Station
Chiangmai Train Station

Trains In Thailand - Below are the quoted rates for non air-conditioned and air-conditioned trains with sleeping berth. At night pillows and blankets are provided.  Sprinter trains are Special Express Trains without berth, but with reclining chair and air-conditioned. Trains in Thailand are clean and mostly punctual.

There are three different types of service.

First Class  contains one small compartment for two persons. This class is not available on most trains and tends to get booked out first. The compartment is a private air-conditioning compartment consisting of two sleeping berths, a washing basin. The berth is a cushion, pillow and blanket which are comfortable. Only common toilet is available (no private toilet). To own a private compartment of your own while travelling alone, then two first-class tickets must be purchased.

Second Class  is the most preferred choice. It is only a common compartment.  Private compartment is not available. Each berth has its own curtain, cushion, pillow and blanket as that of the first class. Fan or air-conditioning are available in either seat or sleeper form. Fan cooled sections tend to get a little hot at night and air-conditioning is the more comfortable of the two.  The price is higher for the lower berth than the upper berth. 

Third Class not quite as hectic as perhaps India but suitable for only the more hardened traveller. No pre-booking is possible in this class.

Sprinter Train - is a special Express train with air-conditioning and comfortable seats of reclining chairs, similar to that of the coach. There is no sleeping berth.

All classes of train have refreshment facilities and most have full catering cars with cooked meals at reasonable rates. At practically every station food vendors offer local delights from fried chicken to more exotic local delicacies.

Sleepers (Information)

First class sleepers consist of two full size bunk beds whilst second class sleepers are assembled from two facing seats to form the bottom or lower bunk. The upper bunk is a "stow-a-way" bed which is unlocked when the beds are made up. All beds use fresh cotton sheets, pillow with cases and laundered towel-like blankets.

Beds are arranged by the train staff at around 9:00 pm and they are stored away again at 08:00 am when travelling.

In both classes the beds are around 2m (6.5 ft) in length.


Travel police actively patrol every train and the incidents of robberies etc is extremely rate. The service generally has a good safety record throughout the kingdom and the "train people" of Thailand are generally very professional about their given tasks. Bags are stored beside the seat in second class which is illuminated throughout the night.


There are different rates for different classes, services and train types. The most expensive ticket will be "Special Express" 1st class sleeper. Actual ticket rates are displayed as below.

27 Charoen Muang Road, A. Muang, Chiangmai 50000
Tel: (053) 244 795, 244 094, 247 462, 245 363-4

It's easy to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai to Bangkok by train - the recommended option is either a convenient overnight journey in a comfortable sleeper, or a daytime journey through the countryside on the air-conditioned express railcar.  Travelling by sleeper is effectively faster than flying, and less hassle, and it will save you a night in a hotel too.  The scenery on the last third of the trip, up into the mountains approaching Chiang Mai, is particularly good.  Even if you take the overnight sleeper, watching the sunrise from the train in the morning can be a great experience.



3rd 2nd 2nd
Rapid Train 102 0655 2115 181 341 - - - -
Sprinter 12 0835 2010 - - 511 - - -
Rapid Train 104 1545 0625 201 361 - 491/561 671/741 1213
Special Express 14 1625 0530 - - - 531/601 671/741 1253
Special Express 2 1750 0705 - - - - 691/781 1253
Sprinter 10 2020 0805 - - 481 - - -
Rapid Train 110 2150 1230 181 341 - 441/481 - -



3rd 2nd 2nd
Rapid Train 101 0600 2055 181 341 - - - -
Sprinter 9 0825 2000 - - 511 - - -
Rapid Train 109 1430 0605 181 341 - 441/491 - -
Special Express 1 1800 0650 - - - - 691/781 1253
Special Express 11 1925 0710 - - 511 - - -
Sprinter 1 1800 0720 - - 481 - 611/681 1193
Special Express 13 1940 0855       531/601 671/741 1253

There is a surcharge of Baht 20 on all tickets on Saturdays & Sunday
Schedule & Rates are subject to changes without prior notice.

Download:  Train Schedule in HTMLTrain Schedule in PDF


Tel: (02) 223 3762, 223 7788, 223 0341 Ext. 4201-3

Explanation on Classes of Trains

General Notes and Conditions

For the trains in Thailand, no advance reservation is available. What we have to do is to go to the train station to purchase the ticket; only then the space is guaranteed. We can purchase the ticket 60 days before travel date.  

Child over 3 years to 12 years whose height not exceeding 150 cm high) - 50% of the adult price (no seat)

Luggage Allowance -  1st class 50 kg; 2nd class 40 kg; others 30 kg.


Train Tickets Sample:  1st class from Bangkok to Chiangmai

state railways of thailand trains fares

The above is the sample of two train tickets from Bangkok to Chiangmai (1st class) with private compartment.


For more photograph information please click here :
Photo Gallery Of Chiangmai Train Station, Thailand


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